What People Are Saying

“We came in with a pretty lofty goal for our ROAS and we’ve been pretty close to hitting it month to month… so it’s been REALLY amazing!”

I can always rely on Badass Marketing Moms to give you the numbers, to present it clearly. I’m not on the creative side so I really need to see numbers, percentages, ROAS to see what’s going on to know that I can make the right decisions financially for our company and you guys have delivered.

Amanda + Julie

“Jodi is the silver lining which makes it all worthwhile!”

Thank you again for everything, I am beyond appreciative! You are the silver lining from the last “life” which makes it all worth while! I couldn’t do this without your marketing expertise! I appreciate you so much!!!

Trish Masnyk, Owner


“Making the leap to invest with Badass Marketing Moms was the BEST idea I have had in my business in all 10 years I’ve been operating…”

They grew my mailing list in 3 weeks to the SAME number as I did alone in seven YEARS.

If you want to escalate your growth in business, Badass Marketing Moms will save you YEARS and finally get you in front of the AUDIENCE you’re looking for.”

JJ Carolan, Life Coach

“I’ve never been so happy with my website!”

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Oliver McDonald, Photographer