“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app,” says the CEO of INSTAGRAM. 

“The number one reason people say that they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained.”

Um… what?

If this surprises you as a business on Instagram, I totally get it.

Forever it seemed like Instagram was the one-stop spot to share photos and ideas. 

But that’s been changing in real-time.

Now Instagram must compete for eyeballs against YouTube, Snapchat, and of course, TikTok.

Entertainment is now the name of the game.

How do you make the content and ads you use on Instagram more entertaining while still high-converting?

Here are three ideas to be entertaining as a business on social:

Create a content experience, not just a piece of content.

1. Create a content experience, not just a piece of content.

When you think about the long-form content you consume: tv shows, commercials, YouTube videos, podcasts, or Facebook lives. 

Why do you tune in? 

What do you get out of spending that time consuming that content? 

What do YOUR CUSTOMERS get for tuning into YOU? 

And just giving them information is not going to hook ‘em. 

Why do they tune in to YOU for this information?

This means more personality, story-telling, exclusive data, impressive editing, and/or your on-brand secret sauce. Creating a content experience requires a little extra creativity, Hollywood pizzazz, and purpose. 

How to get started: Write down what makes your content different and communicate that to your team to set those expectations up front.

Video needs to be the priority

2. Video needs to be the priority

This is probably the biggest reason that Instagram is changing from photo-sharing to entertainment is the explosion of video content and content creators.

Video creates a more entertaining avenue to communicate your message but it can be more time-intensive than just social images.

But here’s the little secret EVERY badass businesswoman should know…

Video is the greatest investment of your content creation time because…

The same video can be repurposed in dozens of ways across SO MANY more channels than just Instagram.

Turning you into a literal content queen.

Just 1x 5-minute video can be repurposed into a…

  1. Blog Post
  2. 7 days of Facebook posts
  3. 7 days of Instagram posts
  4. 7 days of LinkedIn posts
  5. Weekly Email 
  6. 7 days of story posts 
  7. YouTube video 

How to get started: Plan to create at least 1 new video content piece per month and repurpose it as much as you can.

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3. Learn from Other Experts Authentically

3. Learn from Other Experts Authentically

Find advertisements that you find entertaining, like anything that the Harmon Brothers have created…

And figure out how to bring that into your advertising. 

We aren’t saying add gimmicks or fluff to your content. 

Instead, be inspired by new ideas that you can own authentically and do well. 

How to get started: Start analyzing pieces of content you LOVE to watch and identify ways to incorporate that into your social content.

Once you prioritize entertainment, marketing can be both more fulfilling for your audience and more profitable for your business on Instagram and beyond. 

Plus, it can be so much more fun for you and your team to create!

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