People who are successful in business know-how to leverage the power of the Media to add more BANK to their bottom line. 

Our client, Dr. Avis Jones DeWeever is a Media Monetization Mentor who teaches entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors how to pounce on windows of opportunity to use media for massive exposure and lead generation. 

Dr. Avis uses her media expertise to coach subject-matter experts on how to present themselves as the top leaders in their industry. 

Her training is the baddest sales and marketing growth accelerator on the planet. 

She helps ambitious entrepreneurs and subject matter experts make six, multi-six and seven-figure leaps in their businesses by learning how to leverage the power of media in order to drive more leads and make more BANK!


As a busy CEO, Dr. Avis was creating amazing results through organic launch methods…and was ready to take it to the next level.

Her sights were set on hitting that 7-figure mark.

Partnering with Badass Marketing Moms launched Dr. Avis into new heights of success allowing her to impact 1000s of people with her Perfect Media Pitch program in less than a year.

Why Dr. Avis Chose Facebook Ads to Amplify Her Business

Why She Chose Facebook Ads

Starting Facebook Ads with Badass Marketing Moms was a strategic choice for Dr. Avis because she understood in order to make more money you need to invest money to get there.

Her target demographic uses both Facebook and Instagram, both personally and to grow their own businesses. Plus she had a masterclass event and program that was already seeing positive results organically on social media. 

After being introduced to Badass Marketing Moms from another client who was seeing success, she realized partnering with us to start ads was the next right choice for her business.

She liked the focus on data-driven ad decision-making and, of course, she wanted a badass team of women to help her reach her goals.

The Ad Strategy

 After discussing her needs during our kickoff call together, we designed a two-part ad strategy to get started with ads for her next launch. 

We took Dr. Avis’s dialed-in offer landing pages and designed the creative, copy, and strategy for her ad campaigns. Due to Facebook Ad Guidelines, we were strategic in how we mentioned money and wealth-building to remain compliant and compelling. 

We also installed any tracking that was needed to optimize campaigns and verified that each step was tracking correctly. 

All ad details during the launch were handled by the BAMM team like audience adjustments, ad disapprovals, and real-time tweaks. Any insights or changes were communicated in real-time to help with the launch organically as well. 

We also provided reports of how every dollar was spent and which methods were having the best impact on her goals. 

Ad Results from our First Launch Together:

Her launch goal for the first phase of ads was to get 1,000 registrants for her 5-day event from paid and organic methods combined.  

With our ad strategy and targeted messaging, paid media alone brought in 969 leads at an incredibly low $2.50 cost per lead.

Also, at the end of the event, she wanted to close at least 20 new students into her 10K+ mentorship program. 

With retargeting and audience identification, she was able to close 23 new students in one launch. 

And that was just the beginning.  Dr. Avis continued her relationship with us and continued to see her numbers skyrocket.

Best Performing Ads

The Badass Marketing Moms Content Team took Dr. Avis’s brand images and landing pages and designed SCROLL-STOPPING ad copy and ad creative.

Masterclass Ads

The top-performing ad for the 5-day masterclass event included expert-looking images that popped and copy that spoke directly to the pain audiences are feeling NOW.

Open Cart Ad

On the 4th day of the 5-day event, Dr. Avis started promoting her program to event attendees and that’s when we started open cart retargeting ads. 

The top-performing ad creative during this phase was DEFINITELY the badass video testimonial ad we co-produced together. 

This video ad featured her clients discussing the incredible results they’ve experienced in Dr. Avis’s program. 

It had it all: kicking music, high-vibe energy, and received tons of comments and interactions. 

The best part? This ad has become an evergreen asset that can be repurposed in EVERY open cart phase moving forward. 

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Continuing Badass Results

After the first launch, we’ve continued our partnership and have fine-tuned our ad and operations strategy for each subsequent launch.  

She has scaled her business to capitalize on all the new traffic from ads:

    • Started a new course delivery model
    • Increased the price point for her offer from $9997 to $18,000
    • Hired additional internal team members 
    • Hired social sellers to nurture the leads from ads
    • Brought on additional coaches to expand the value of her offer

BAMM has scaled ad support as well:

    • Pivoting copy + creatives to industry trends 
    • Updating tracking procedures with iOS14 changes
    • Adding additional lead gen and awareness ads
    • Added additional video and event retargeting ads

The success of these changes are reflected in the results from Dr. Avis’s most recent launch, she has scaled and optimized at every level:

    • Attracted 1500-3000 new leads per launch (90% coming from paid ads, 10% coming from organic)
    • Scaled her paid ad investments from $2,100 to $25,000 per launch.
    • 4x her earnings from $150,000/launch to now $600,000 per launch
    • Just hit 10,000 members in her free group

At the end of the day, by partnering with Badass Marketing Moms and running high-converting paid media ads, what she used to earn in a year, she can earn in a quarter! 

Dr. Avis Quote: “You have to do something differently if you want to get different results.”

The Lessons Learned

 As Dr. Avis says, “You have to do something differently if you want to get different results.” 

As illustrated by Dr. Avis’s experience, running ads can massively scale your business especially with a partnership focused on data-driven decision-making and bottom-line results.

Dr. Avis has grown her business to 7-figures with strategic investments, wildly successful media techniques, and on-point messaging that speaks to her target audience.

All of these have been amplified with the power of paid media advertising. 

Are you ready to infuse the amplification of Paid Media Advertising into your business?