Marketing Director, Amanda, and Analytics and Reporting Expert, Julie, were part of a thriving coaching training business that offers authentic life coach training and certification for people from a range of diverse backgrounds.

This global coaching business excelled due to empowering its students with the confidence to build a thriving practice on their own terms.

Their programs started at around $4,000 USD and had grown organically for years. 

But in fall 2019, the marketing team had ambitious plans. 

They were currently enrolling 20 students per month but were looking to double this intake with paid media.  

Yet… they hadn’t had a sale from a Facebook Ad in over 3 months, their leads were inconsistent and it took on average 6 months for someone to make a purchase after becoming a lead.

They needed a different and new paid media strategy.

Why They Chose to Work with Badass Marketing Moms

Amanda and Julie approached BAMM after what they called a ‘terrible’ experience with a previous agency.  

While this agency had brought in 400 new leads with FB ads in 3 months, not one had led to a single purchase. With a Return on Ad Spend of $0, there appeared to be a serious mismatch between targeting and their ideal clients!

Not to mention, they felt the previous agency was using poor quality creatives and not listening to their concerns.

Their offer was AMAZING but it needed to be presented in a more polished, streamlined way.  

After a thorough kick-off call with the Badass Marketing Moms, Amanda gave this feedback:

“Thank you so much. It’s such a wonderful difference already between onboarding with the other agency and you guys and we can sense how clear this is and how easy you’ve made the process. The level of expertise is really evident from all of you and so we just wanted to say we are really excited to be working with you.”

The stage was set for a badass Partnership!

Create a content experience, not just a piece of content.

The Ad Strategy 

To hit the ambitious goal of doubling course enrollments per month, we designed a 3 phase ad funnel that would attract, nurture, and close potential students. 

Here’s a brief overview of this strategy:

    • Lead Phase: We tested multiple lead magnets to see which worked best to attract potential students.
    • Webinar Phase: We tested multiple evergreen webinar topics and used that data to promote monthly live webinars simultaneously.
    • Sales Phase: We promoted various program ads and testimonial ads to address objections and keep the program top of mind for our large warm audiences. 

Within this 3 phase ad strategy, we also tested various avatar profiles and messaging to fine-tune which audiences were the most profitable.  

Every phase, opt-in, and click of the funnel was documented and organized to be able to trace the customer journey from lead to sale.  

Video needs to be the priority

The Badass Experience

One of the things that Amanda appreciated was the level of personalized attention we provided. 

She praised BAMM’s responsiveness:

 “There have been times when I messed up and I realized it on a weekend and someone was still there to help me or when we needed to respond really quickly to events that were going on in the world and someone was there right away to help me pause the ads. If I ever have a question, someone gets back to me right away with an answer.”

Julie was impressed with BAMM’s reporting metrics:

“I’m a numbers person. I can always rely on BAMM to give me the numbers and present it clearly. I need to see the numbers to understand what’s going on to be able to make the right decisions financially for the company and BAMM delivered. “

 And the numbers spoke for themselves.

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The Badass Results

 “One of the biggest wins would be that we came in with a pretty lofty goal for our return on ad spend and we’ve been pretty close to hitting it month to month and showing great month over month growth. So that’s been really amazing.”

After working with BAMM for just under a year, the marketing team was thrilled with the results that we were seeing from our 3 phase ad strategy and marketing partnership. 

    • We helped them modify the sales process to include website-only purchases that didn’t need a sales call.

    • We averaged 4-6X return on ad spend (ROAS) as we scaled from spending $5K per month in ad spend to over 20K per month.

    • We were able to bring the average lead-to-sale time frame down from 6 months to less than 30 days.

    • We were able to double the number of monthly program purchases to the point they were running 2x 30 person cohorts per month.

    • We averaged 1000 leads per month and 2500 webinar leads per month. 

“We’ve been able to hit our revenue goals, our enrollment goals and we’ve been able to accurately predict what our ad spend is going to be, getting us on the backend basically so we’ve been able to use their (BAMM) knowledge to really help us figure out where’s the best place to spend, what part of the funnel needs work. “  – Amanda

The biggest takeaway we learned from working together was the number of touchpoints that it can take to nurture a lead. On average, each lead took 3-4 webinar events in order to finally purchase their program. And we were able to facilitate these touchpoints with ad retargeting and audience building. 

By clearly defining and optimizing the funnel together, we were able to clearly attract and track leads from the first interaction to sale. This led to not only meeting their ambitious goals but exceeding them.

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